The Plan

Managing growth in Ward One

The sixteen development proposals that were mentioned in Rick Craven's South Aldershot Report outline how the once lofty goal of creating the "Plains Road Village Vision" has turned into the "Aldershot City Intensification Framework."

My goal would be to identify the low density residential areas and help protect them from intensification.


Helping the residents of Tyandaga and supporting the Tyandaga Environmental Coalition Inc.

The Tyandaga Environmental Coalition is fighting an uphill battle to protect the environment and the value of their homes. When elected City Councilor I will work with Provincial government, who have the power to address the concerns of the residents of Tyandaga.

If that means going to Queen's Park to speak to government in person, then that is what we will do!


Georgian Courts Proposal Redevelopment

This development could affect 8.4 hectares of land on the east side of King Road, south of Plains Road East. We need to ensure that current residents will not be displaced from their homes. We need to find solutions that ensure a generous relocation program is provided to those residents affected so they are fairly compensated for their inconveniences.