Why I'm Running

Understanding the needs of all the people in Ward One

The south Aldershot development map currently has 16 proposed development area. Growth and renewal along the Plains Road corridor means more opportunity for small and medium size businesses to provide goods and services to the local consumers. The increase in residential living along Plains Road will attract both consumers and enhanced commercial opportunities.


The need to protect homes from the Mobility Hub

The development of the Mobility Hub around the current Aldershot GO station has been vary upsetting to many of the residents of Clearview Ave., Queens Mary Ave., and the west side of St. Matthews Ave. Their homes were included the area designated as the "Mobility Hub"  meaning these homes are destined to be torn down and replaced be commercial property.

Will the homes east of St Matthew's Ave. and west of Gallagher soon be the cross-hairs of developers?

Update: On July 12, 2018, in response to a petition presented by the residents of the Clearview area (and signed by René), City staff recommended changes to the intensification of the Aldershot Mobility Hub. As noted on the City of Burlington website:

Within the Aldershot GO Mobility Hub, the following were identified as additional unique objectives for this area:

  1. Recognizing the need to vary the maximum heights for new mid-rise development within the hub in order to achieve sensitive transitions to established residential neighbourhood areas outside of the hub;
  2. Concentrating higher intensity development on large brownfield/greyfield sites that contain existing employment uses in order to encourage mixed use development;
  3. Recognizing the existing employment function in the area and planning for future employment and commercial uses in the hub;
  4. Planning for flexible commercial and retail spaces that can respond to the changing commercial / retail landscape;
  5. Creating new streets and active transportation connections to enhance the existing transportation network, including the establishment of new east-west corridors which will improve permeability through the area for pedestrians and cyclists and mitigate traffic associated with future growth; and
  6. Focusing height away from Plains Road and towards the rail corridor to concentrate future residents in close proximity to the GO station and to maintain the mid-rise vision for Plains Road.

This is a great step forward for the residences surrounding the "Mobility Hub".


Help for the Tyandaga Environmental Coalition Inc.

The following quoted directly from tecburlington.com: "Tyandaga Environmental Coalition Inc. (TEC) is a group of concerned residents opposed to Meridian's planned expansion of a quarry for the purpose of shale extraction - the license for the quarry was issued in 1972. We believe the impact of the proposed quarry expansion may be detrimental to the environment, to our health, and to our well-being."

The real concern that Tyandaga residents feel is the impact of this has not been acknowledged nor appreciated by the rest of the citizens of Burlington.

The City of Burlington must work with our provincial representative to help the residents of Tyandaga find solutions to their very serious concerns.